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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
7:52 pm
at what point do you say to yourself, "i'm counting on you to be the one, and i have no fall back plan."?
Friday, July 10th, 2009
12:37 pm
i need a fucking girlfriend or something. all i ever do is work, go to band practice, play video games, and sleep.
Friday, August 1st, 2008
7:47 pm
i don't know why...
but i am now determined to move to southern california within the next year.

so the next time i update this piece of shit... hopefully it will be from there.
Friday, July 6th, 2007
12:36 pm
Storm clouds hanging over head.
Offer not the slightest bit of comfort for the first time in days.
I wait to discover disasters that I've slept though while I felt so alive.
So we say goodbye, so we say goodbye.
Heartstrings severed just as quick as they were discovered.
So we say goodbye, so we say goodbye.
I'll break my own fall, to keep you picture perfect.
Just don't wake me up now..
So say goodbye, close your eyes for the last time, questioning everything that went wrong..
The silence she whispers to me, telling me things we dare to speak out loud.
The collaboration of the blinding sun through vacant streets hits home hard, like a hatchet to the skull.
I'd keep you here if it kept me warm and these winters away.
Your hands were the only hands needed to hold me.
For the first time in days.. I feel alive.
In the end we'll both rot together.
In the end we'll rot together, our love lies in embers
So say goodbye, close your eyes for the last time, questioning everything that went wrong..
Peering out of those same cracked windows.
That I studied, for days upon days..
Suddenly collapse.. It all falls down.
So say goodbye, close your eyes for the last time, questioning everything that went wrong..
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
7:17 pm
if anyone still uses livejournal...
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2006 @ 7:00 PM





Current Mood: anxious
Monday, November 6th, 2006
6:23 pm
So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?
I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down
And now that I'm gone
Try to forget me and just move on

Current Mood: lonely
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
6:44 pm
so... i know i haven't used this damn thing in a long ass time. but, i decided since i'm bored to update people who actually still use livejournal and haven't given in to the plagues of facebook and/or myspace (both of which i'm guilty of)

so... life in statesboro has been pretty damn swell. classes are pretty good for the most part, except for my astronomy class because i can never stay awake. but i'm finally getting into classes for my major so its good that i'm actually learning things i give two shits about. i've been meeting a lot more people and now i actually feel like i have a place down here. its taken a lot of getting used to, but fortunately i've had a lot of help from my friends.

i've been spending a bunch of time at the radio station (91.9 the buzz) this semester, and honestly its probably one of the best things i've ever done. i've benn given a lot of opportunity to devote myself to broadcasting, and it couldn't be any cooler. i started out as a member of the music committee, picking new music to be played on the station, and a few weeks ago the program director offered me a radio show on sunday morning. so needless to say, this is an absolute dream come true for me. i've been waking up early on sundays since i started and listened to myself to see what i can improve on. i'm hoping that next semester i'll get a better time slot for my show so i can go live instead of voicetracking my show beforehand. nonetheless, the experience is pretty much the exact thing i was looking to do in college and i've actually done it, and succeeded.

working with watch it bleed has continued to go well when we've practiced when i come back to atlanta. when i come back home for the holidays we are going to re-record our demo to improve whatever we can. i'm really happy that so far the band has had a good bit of success since we started playing in may. we recorded a five song demo before i moved back down to statesboro, and we're going to redo the five songs we have and hopefully add two more. i think we can do it. the new songs should be pretty damn good. the new one we've kind of been working on is probably our most brutal, and the other one is a grindcore style song... so we'll see what happens.

i am pretty sure that i forgot to mention that my parents no longer reside in lilburn. so whenever i go back home, i'm usually in lawrenceville or at my parents' new house in grayson. The house is very nice, but i still really miss the other house. i guess i'll just have to deal.

yeah, and i'll be an employee of outback steakhouse yet again over break. sweet.

well, that sums it up all my thoughts right now. i probably will forget about this thing for the next year though.... oh well.


Current Mood: content
Sunday, June 18th, 2006
1:44 am
so apparently my parents plan to move out of our big white house by the end of the summer.

i know it really shouldn't matter to me, considering i'm moving back to statesboro in a month and a half.

but it does.

i've lived in this house pretty much my entire life.

oh well.

Current Mood: melancholy
Monday, June 5th, 2006
11:27 pm
This is my last serenade
I feel you as you fall away
This is my last serenade
From yourself you can't run away
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
7:40 pm
oh GOD
so... here is what my last few days of the semester are looking like

Friday April 28th- Music Appreciation concert report due

Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th- Studying relentlessly, and contemplating suicide

Monday May 1st- Econ quiz, Biology final 12:30-2:30

Tuesday May 2nd- Study day, all damn day

Wednesday May 3rd- Econ final 7:30-9:30AM, Music Appr final 10AM-12PM, 2 papers as my final exams both at least 3 pages long due in Orientation and
Turning points classes

Thursday May 4th- History final 3:00-5:00, packing all my belongings into a few boxes.

Friday May 5th or Saturday May 6th- Returning home to Lilburn, figure out work schedule @ Outback Steakhouse.

I wish I could be sedated right now, and not even know that these next 8 days are even happening.
I expect to be drinking with some fools next weekend, to actually celebrate Summer!

Current Mood: restless
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
7:36 pm
stolen from meredith
put your music player on random and let it answer these questions for you. like a magic 8 ball of sorts, i suppose. no skipping songs, cheaters!

- How does the world see you?
"Pariah" Lamb of God

- Will I have a happy life?
"Take it Easy (Love Nothing)" Bright Eyes

- What do my friends really think of me?
"Nerdy" Poison the Well.... haha that rules

- Do people secretly lust after me?
"Gone With the Sin" H.I.M.

- How can I make myself happy?
"The Rememberance Ballad" Atreyu

- What should I do with my life?
"Waiting For the Heavens" Eighteen Visions

- Will I ever have children?
"I'm Becoming You" The Vandals

- What is some good advice for me?
"Rescue" Eve 6

- How will I be remembered?
"Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial" Coheed and Cambria

- What is my signature dancing song?
"Raining Blood" Slayer

- What do I think my current theme song is?
"Commando" The Ramones

- What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
"Duality" [live] Slipknot

- What song will play at my funeral?
"The Gilette Calvacade of Sports" Glassjaw

- What type of women do you like?
"Steamer Trunk" Alkaline Trio

- What is my day going to be like?
"Your Sweet Six Six Six" H.I.M. NICE!

that was pretty sweet.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
7:48 am
I swear to Jesus himself that I am going to shank one of my roommates with a butterknife before the end of this semester. He makes me want to fucking scream!

Current Mood: half asleep and pissed off
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
2:14 pm
i fought the law... and the law won
so i got put on probation today.

but how was your day?

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
2:57 pm
a brief overview of college so far:

-I live with three black dudes. I find this absolutely hilarious.

-I've consumed more alcohol than I should. Its a good feeling getting done with class at 1:15, coming back to my room and popping open a beer, just to take a five hour nap just to wake up and start drinking again. I just need to remind myself that drinking well into the night does not go well with having a 9:00 class the next morning. Fortunately I was only 5 minutes late.

-I've seen a bunch of people I know down here so far. Some good, some bad, but mostly good.

-Classes are a lot easier than those I took at Perimeter. Who would've thought?

-Today I just walked around campus for a long time, just observing people (mainly females). This is such a neat little town. I would describe Southern as being right in between Milledgeville and Athens as far as how the school is set up, and school spirit.

-I still don't have that many real good friends down here, but I'm sure that will change in a matter of time. I have been hanging out with Charlie, his roommate James, Noodles, Nick, and I'm meeting up with my old buddy Ryan tonight.

-There are some things I do miss though, like my friends back home, Tuesday night trivia, my little dog Buddy, and of course, my drums. I really never noticed how ADD I really am when I'm not able to play my drums anytime I want.

-It's amazing how cheap beer is down here. Last night I got an 18 pack of Miller High Life and a 6 pack of Natty Light for a little less than $15. Thats some good "knuck for your buck" if I've ever heard.

Well, thats pretty much a summary of my first few days of college. Oh yeah, BEING UNEMPLOYED RULES!!
Friday, January 6th, 2006
12:11 am
going away to college...
Well as all of you may know, tomorrow i venture to Statesboro, Georgia in attempts to futher my education.

I never thought having to say goodbye would be so hard. I'm still having a hard time thinking that tomorrow at this time I'll probably be in my new apartment chillin with my 3 new roommates that I have never met before.

I've finally met my goal I set for myself when I was still a senior in high school, to move out of Lilburn to a new place with all new people. I did it. I appreciate everyone out there who has supported me in my decisions and has stuck with my asshole tendencies. I can't say how thankful I am for each one of my friends, and words cannot describe how hard its been knowing that I'm leaving in a matter of hours.

This is Will Herald signing off from Lilburn, Georgia. I just hope Georgia Southern University is ready for a guy like me.


Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
2:10 pm
livejournal has become obsolete.
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
1:35 pm
thrice tomorrow.

oh yeah underoath and the bled too.

Current Mood: restless
Monday, October 17th, 2005
11:10 pm
oh wow
so, i got accepted into Georgia Southern today.

funny how life throws me these curveballs.

so, i guess if for some reason I don't end up going to Milledgeville

Statesboro here I come!

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
11:01 pm
seemed like it could be interesting...

How many songs?

Sort by song title
First: #1 Zero - Audioslave
Last: Zombies Are Good For Your Health - Poison the Well

Sort by time
First: 17 - Smashing Pumpkins (0:17)
Last: I Don't Keep With Liars Anymore - The Bled (37:46)

Sort by album
First: ...And Justice For All - Metallica
Last: You Come Before You - Poison the Well

Earliest Added: The Opposite of December... - Poison the Well
Last Added: Fear Factory - Obsolete

Top Five Most Played Songs:
1. Tie Her Down - Senses Fail
2. Populace In Two - From First to Last
3. My Mirror No Longer Reflects - Poison the Well
4. Paper Tigers - Thrice
5. Lady In A Blue Dress - Senses Fail

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Pharmacist's Daughter - NoFX

Find “sex.” How many songs come up? 34

Find “death.” How many songs come up? 60

Find “love.” How many songs come up? 87

Last song in "Purchased Music": none

Artist with Most Albums: Blink-182 (Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Blink-182) and Metallica (Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, The Black Album)

This kept me occupied for a good.... 15 minutes. :)

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
11:16 pm
none necessary
isnt life interesting

Current Mood: confused
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